About Froedge

We offer a range of services including industrial automation for the lumber handling industry, custom machining services, service & repair, and part sales and service.

We serve a wide range of customers profiles, from Fortune 500s to farmers, hobbyists, state and local governments, and small businesses. We have worked with clients across a wide range of industries but have a particularly large number of clients in the lumber and automotive industries.

Froedge Machine employs approximately fifty people in Southern Kentucky who work in our Tompkinsville and Glasgow facilities. We are ideally situated to serve both our local clients as well as our national and international clients.

Aerial view of Tompkinsville, KY facility

A Rich Company History

Wendall Froedge started the company in 1962 as a watch repair shop, and slowly began adding other services, such as machining, industrial, and automotive supply. With previous experience as a farmer, jeweler, machinist, soldier, and agricultural salesman, Wendall drew from a broad set of talent and experiences and a deep understanding of customer needs

His son Tom, after starting his career in science and engineering, took over the company in 1990, establishing the company's automation competencies and expanding existing portions of the business.

With nearly 60 years of combined experience, our capabilities provide us with a competitive advantage in pricing, quality, and efficiency.

"We feel...that business is about a relationship; With our customers, with our employees, and with ourselves."

Tom Froedge, CEO